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Lauren Collier, our Hostess with the mostest, is on the road bringing education and entertainment to animal lovers from around the world!  She digs up the news and showcases new and exciting pet products that are simply a must-have for all pet families. 

Lauren has been at this for a long time!  She became very well-known through her TV-show Pet Talk and continues to share her experience and knowledge on many platforms. 

There are many ways to enjoy our show!  Tune in 📺 on Sunday at 11am to MyTV9 Connecticut and on Monday at 8:30am on WRNN to watch our newest episode or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch all of our fun yet educational shows.


Pet Talk was the name of a sometimes wacky, always upbeat, educational television show about pets, animals, and the humans who love them. Airing in the southwestern Connecticut area, the show featured hostess Lauren Collier, who has been entertaining and informing the pet-loving masses for almost 20 years.


In terms of her dog-mom skills, Enoki is Collier’s 135 pounds of “trouble,” a sassy Bouvier Des Flandres.  You will see Enoki strutting the NYC runway in one of her fundraiser promos. 

To all of her fans, thank you for so many years of continued support and love!


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Lauren’s Crazy Pet Show is a fun, upbeat, educational show celebrating pets and animals and the humans who love them! We’re on the road, traveling to different communities and states, finding stories about all the amazing and wonderful things animals do to enrich our lives everyday. As our companions, helpers and as part of the natural world all around us, our contact with animals makes us better too! So Please Join us! And let us know what’s happening in your home town...we love connecting with people who love their animals as much as we do!

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